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We are located in the Beautiful Branson, MO!

     Please Excuse Our Transition     

 Point of Clarification: 

     In order to not offend the strictest interpretation of a Gold Star Family designation, which is solely 

     reserved for families that lost a nuclear family member directly related to combat, we are re-branding the

     lodge by the name of Tiki Torch Guest House. We will continue to serve all families that have lost a close 

     family member related to service of their country both domestic and abroad. 


     GSFI was inspired by a Gold Star daughter. The original vision was to bless and honor Gold Star families 

     but also to bring awareness to what a Gold Star family is. Our mission statement is solely FREE lodging 

     to families that lost a loved one in combat (the definition of a gold star). It was our personal privilege, 

     hard work, and generosity to open it beyond that definition. Our goal is to be blessing, not an 



     We continue to serve all of the Families of Fallen Soldiers in our mission to keep your soldier's honor in 

     remembrance to our communities. We look forward to meeting more of the families of our national 

     heroes that served in the military as well as police, firefighters and first responders. 

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Gold Star Family Inn

1030 West Main Street

Branson, MO 65616



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